A little bit about Me and the writing in here…

One of my favorite hobbies these days is working out.  I’m a member of the Crossfit camp (aka cult).  I’m not one to gab about it ALL the time, but if you happen to ask about today’s WOD, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll give you an earful.  My Crossfit journey started in February 2013, after working with a personal trainer for about 18 months.  I have gotten stronger and leaner and… bigger.  Crossfit thighs are no joke.  But the important thing is: I’ve gotten stronger.  And that’s pretty cool.  I’d like to work on getting my running more…. running – less shuffling.  We’ll see how that journey goes.

My other topics in this section will probably include some photography – another hobby of mine.  Plus, some of my generic writing because while it’s a hobby of mine, I’d love to make it a career of some sort.

Browsing through this corner of my blog will most likely help you get to know me better.

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