Getting to Know Me… First Day of School

avatarOh boy. First day of school. I’m starting Blogging 101. Eeeeeeeek. I have on my spiffy new shoes and cardigan sweater. My lunch box is next to me and I’m poised with a set of freshly sharpened pencils lined up in a row.

That’s not really true. I’m sitting at a coffee shop, with my laptop, in my sweaty yoga capris and workout sneakers (neither of which are spiffy). However, I AM starting a new class called Blogging 101. Here we go….. “Getting to Know Me…”

I started this blog because I really enjoy writing. I like picking out right words to describe something; I like telling a story; I like being an over-sharer. I like having a project to work on; I like having a goal; I like the finishing a post, pressing the ‘publish’ button, and feeling like I accomplished something. In the past, before the blog-o-sphere existed and social media was the way to socialize, I emailed friends and family updates about what my little family had been up to. Frequently, I would get replies back saying, “you should be a writer!” I would smile, get a warm fuzzy and think about how awesome that would be. Then, about a year or so ago, I heard someone talk about actually doing what you were meant to do… and I decided maybe I should give this writing thing a try. So here we are… Heavens To Betsy!

In all honesty, I have no idea where I hope this blog will take me. Do I dream of my Julie & Julia moment? Sure, I do. Do I imagine what it would be like to have my writing arrive on the Huffington Post and shared throughout Facebook Land?! Yes, yes I do. Am I realistic that the likelihood of that happening is somewhere between slim to none??? Definitely… and I’m pretty sure it’s closer on the “none” side of that spectrum. That being said, I’m still going to write… not for the hope of Betsy & Betsy (?) or my publications being shared around the world, but because I really do like writing. And its fun to do what you like. I have been telling people for years, “I hope to be a writer someday.” Just the other day, I realized: I AM A WRITER. I’m not a famous writer. I’m not a best-selling novel writer. But, I am a writer and that makes me happy.

This blog is mostly filled with my reflections on my life. I’m a military spouse (go Navy!), a mother of three kids (ages 7, 6, and 4), a non-competitive Crossfit-er, and well, just ME. I like to write the way I think… not a whole lot of APA style guide happening here… I did that in college and I don’t want to do that here. I like three dots… … … that’s when I’m usually thinking or going off on a tangent or can not remember if I should use a comma or semicolon or neither. Follow along if you can. I assume those of you who do want to follow along are either part of a military family who can relate to my military adventures, a parent who can relate to my parenting experiences, or a fellow Crossfit-er who can relate to my WOD world. Or maybe you are another blogger just scoping out this blogging scene. Whichever you may be, welcome!

My biggest hesitation, one I wrestle with EVERY time I sit down to write, is feeling like my blog comes across… self-righteous?… self-indulgent?… self-centered?. I wonder if my posts sound like I am saying “Come. Come listen to the wisdom I shall bestow on each of you. I am wise and profound and your life will be better after you read this post.” I just looked up the synonyms for “narcissistic” and  found the word “vainglorious” …. That is the exact word I was looking for even though I have never heard it before and it is exactly how I do NOT want my blog to come across. If you find me to be vainglorious, I do apologize. Sincerely. I do not assume that my thoughts are better or more important that anyone elses. I just like to write them down and share them with strangers. Weird, yes, but there ain’t no vainglorious-ness here, friends.

I just like to write. I like to write genuine and honest posts. I like to write genuine and honest posts mostly about the military, motherhood, marriage, and me. Follow along if you would like to read more!





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Me... a military wife (Go Navy!), a mom, and just me. Writing about the adventures our family has from the day-to-day to the amazing opportunities afforded us by my husband's career. Blessed beyond belief and trying to capture it all with words. View all posts by blogheavenstobetsy

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