Motherhood: Happy Mother’s Day to the many different mothers out there

Infant Grasping Mother's FingerHappy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! Happy Mother’s Day to all the soon-to-be Mommies and waiting-to-be Mommies and new Mommies and veteran Mommies. Today is a day of flowers and breakfasts in bed and long, uninterrupted showers. Today is also a day of tears and heartache and arms that long to hold another. On a day with such a variety of emotions, here are my wishes for each of you…

For the mothers-waiting-to-be, I wish you a day filled with hope and faith. May today’s celebration not be a constant reminder for the family you are hoping and waiting to build. I hope you will see the impact you have had on so many others in your life – a niece or nephew, a neighborhood child, a friend – where you have filled the role of mother… comforter, caretaker, encourager, rock. I will not pretend that today is an easy day for you as you wait and wonder what the future holds for you. But I do hope you are able to see all the ways you have already begun your motherhood journey and have made a difference in the lives around you. May your next Mother’s Day see your arms filled with your very own Little One… and if that is not the case, I pray your heart will be filled with love, faith, and hope beyond your wildest dreams.

For the soon-to-be mothers, I wish you a day of long naps and a chance to put your swollen feet up.  You are undoubtedly filled with excitement and anxiety for all that is to come in the next few months.  I hope today you will be filled with confidence in your abilities to be Mom.  I wish you calm and peace and joy about the life that is growing inside you.  I wish you calm and peace and joy about the many different kinds of bottles, pacifiers, baby swings, blankets, diapers, formula, etc. May you realize that the only thing you really need is a heart full of love for your baby and your best intentions… and a carseat, so you can bring Baby home.  I wish you find a few moments today to realize what a gift and privilege it is to have a chance to sculpt and nurture a brand new human being. 

For the mothers who are celebrating their very first Mother’s Day, I wish you a quiet morning filled with sweet snuggles and no breakfast dishes to clean. I wish you a few quiet hours in which you can do anything your heart desires… read a book, take a bath, go for a run, whatever you wish. May you enjoy those hours with no guilt, no to-do list running through your mind, and no bottoms to wipe. I wish you an evening of your favorite dinner, an extra scoop of dessert, and many hugs from your favorite Little One. I hope you have a day filled with appreciation for all you do and day that reminds you to appreciate all you have.

For the mothers who are celebrating their ump-teenth Mother’s Day, I wish you a day for the record books. I wish you visits from your children and grandchildren too! I hope your day is filled with phone calls from your kids who live afar and that you can see your success in their confidence and strength to leave your nest. I wish you a day filled with messages from your fellow Motherhood friends, who all want to remind you what an amazing impact you have had on their lives. I hope today is filled with fond memories of your favorite times of your motherhood and proud memories of your non-favorite times… but times you got through nonetheless. May your motherhood wisdom and experience be a guide to those who are starting off on their very own journey through motherhood.

For the mothers who have had to say good-bye to their Little One, I cannot imagine the feelings in your heart today. I wish you peace throughout the day, and weeks, and months… I am sure the ache is not dulled just because Mother’s Day has passed. Whether you were able to hold your Little One for years, or months, or minutes, or not at all, yours is a burden I cannot begin to fathom, but pray that you will find some joy in today’s celebrations from the memories you have and the dreams you had for your child.

For the daughters who have lost their mothers, I wish you a day of sweet memories of your Mom. May today be filled with extra special moments of remembering her favorite recipe, her funny sayings, her signature perfume… well, just her. Know that although she may not be here with you, she is here in you. She is in your memories and the traditions you are carrying on in her memory. For those of you who are mothers yourselves, I hope that you know in your heart of hearts that your mother is proud of the work you are doing with your kids, and she would no doubt be the first to tell you that you are rocking this motherhood thing!

To all the ladies out there who are anywhere on this incredible ride called Motherhood… I hope you have a day that builds you up and reminds you how strong, creative, and totally amazing you are. No matter where you are on the motherhood journey… Happy Mother’s Day!


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