The Kitchen is Closed & Other Poor Leadership Choices

My husband told me he wanted to have appetizers before dinner. I told him I didn’t really think that was a good idea and I would not support that at all.  He told me that he really thought it was best for the family to have a little extra food. I told him that I thought it was best for the family to not spend more money on unnecessary food.  Last night was Menu Planning Night for our household.  My husband and I were at a standstill.  Obviously, we decided to shut down the kitchen.  The kitchen is closed.  Our kids won’t get to eat because the leaders of our household can’t figure out how to compromise and resolve our differences.

Well that didn’t really happen because that would just be ridiculous. Seriously. Oh wait. That’s what the “leaders” of our country are doing. What in the world?!

I’m not a political genius and have yet to be invited to the table on Meet the Press, but from everything I can gather, this situation is stupid.   The issues are complicated, yes.  Finding a compromise is difficult, yes.  Allowing your opposing party to get its way is irritating, ego-shrinking, and down-right outraging, yes. I get all that.  I understand that Congress is “trying” to keep their constituents happy.  But for the life of me I cannot see that any constituent who had to pack up their desk and put “out of office” messages on their email and phone would be happy with their leadership.

I’m not sure how this Government Shutdown (I do believe it deserves capital letters) is being played out across the country.  I know that here, in a military community, it is being felt left and right.  Thankfully, the government showed a tiny bit of sense by passing the law that Active Duty pay will continue regardless of the Shutdown. However, I have several friends who are DoD employees who left their desks today unsure of when they will be back and when they will be paid. That’s not cool.   I know that the Commissary will be closed and all those folks who work there won’t be heading to work tomorrow.  That’s not cool, either.  I know that Congress will be solidly certain that their paychecks are secure.  That’s super not cool.

I imagine the affects of the Shutdown will be felt throughout the country according to an article in the Washington Post. With National Parks and museums closed, all those workers won’t be putting on their uniforms tomorrow.  The folks whose businesses depend on tourists visiting the National landmarks will feel the Shutdown.  The families on the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program through the Department of Agriculture will no longer receive support after next week.  The Housing Authorities will run out of money by the end of October. Let’s all hope there isn’t a giant flu outbreak, because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention won’t have the capacity to respond very well.  So very not cool.

So, going back to my husband and his demands for appetizers before dinner, I can see how people might think that’s a brilliant idea.  I can also see how me saying “No way, Jose” (his name isn’t really Jose though) is a brilliant idea too.  So we are both brilliant… no wonder we are leaders of our household.  However, if we really chose to dig our heels in and refuse to budge, we would be proving just how very NOT brilliant we are and how we very much do NOT deserve positions of leadership.  So let’s remember today and the ridiculousness of this situation when we go to the polls next.  No matter what “brilliant” policy those “leaders” were supporting, they have proven to be less than worthy of our votes.


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