And so it begins…

Be warned: I do not necessarily make all the correct grammar/punctuation choices. I like to do three dots in a row a lot… it’s fun… it’s when I take a break to think.  Maybe I should use () but that just doesn’t fit my style. Make I should just use a comma, or even better, end my thought and start a new one. But again… that’s not my style.  If you are searching all the latest and greatest blogs for a place to enjoy proper grammar and punctuation, may I suggest you look elsewhere.  No offense. Or you are welcome to stay on my page and read my writes but you might not enjoy… my style.

Anyway, welcome to my writes. My life right now centers mostly around my marriage, motherhood, and our military life. Therefore, expect a lot of writes about those topics.  You can read more about me, my marriage, motherhood, and military life on the “About” page.  I plan on writing weekly, hopefully more, but probably not daily. I have no idea where this journey will take me, but I have no doubt I will enjoy it, even if it takes me no where else except in front of my computer every few days and taking some time to write my writes.

Til we meet again…


About blogheavenstobetsy

Me... a military wife (Go Navy!), a mom, and just me. Writing about the adventures our family has from the day-to-day to the amazing opportunities afforded us by my husband's career. Blessed beyond belief and trying to capture it all with words. View all posts by blogheavenstobetsy

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